Backup-Now for websites and database with ISPConfig


You can have automatic backups created on our fully managed servers. Now you also have the possibility to manually trigger a backup of a website or a database.


You can use it, for example, to back up the database before you make major changes to your project. If something goes wrong, you can restore the freshly created backup.

When you start a manual backup, the oldest backup is deleted afterwards.

Configuring Backups in ISPConfig

You can find the settings for the backups in the Backups tab of your website.

You can set the number of backups to be saved under “Number of backups” between 1 and 10.

You can set the interval to different values:

  • Automatic backups inactive
  • Daily
  • Weekly (every Sunday)
  • Monthly (on the 1st of each month)

If you choose “Automatic Backups inactive”, only manual backups are created via Backup-Now.

Start Backup-Now

To start a manual backup, you just have to click on the button “Backup website now” or “Backup database now” to switch from grey to blue and then save the settings:


Until a backup is complete, you cannot trigger another manual backup:

After the backup is complete, you will find the backup as usual under “Existing Backups”.

By the way, you can recognize a backup created by Backup-Now by -manual in its name.