Update PHP versions (automatically)


On our managed servers you can view the versions of the additional PHP version directly in ISPConfig. If a new version is available, you can update the PHP version or use the “Auto-Update” function. With Auto-Update” enabled, the PHP version will be updated as soon as a newer version is released.

additional PHP versions

Additional PHP versions can be installed in addition to the PHP version of the operating system and then used for individual web pages. PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 are available on our managed servers. The ionCube loader is always installed with all versions.

Which versions are additionally installed always depends on the operating system of the respective server. For Debian Jessie PHP 5.6 is not an additional version, while for Ubuntu 18 PHP 7.2 is not an additional version. Which versions you see on your server for updates depends on the respective server – the screenshots may look different for you.

show additional PHP versions

Log in to ISPConfig on your server and click on “Tools” in the upper right corner and then “Manage PHP Versions” in the lower left corner. You will be shown the installed versions:


You can see at a glance which versions are not updated or whether an installation is currently being updated.



If an update is available, you will be shown the button “Update” and can immediately start the update. You also have the option to automatically update a version. All you have to do is check the box “Auto-Update” and save the settings.


Enhanced spam check for mailboxes


On our managed mail servers and full-managed servers you can not only set greylistening for each mailbox to on and off for the spam check, but also for RBL, SPF and spoofing.

SPF and RBL are automatically activated for new mailboxes, greylistening and spoofing are disabled by default.

What do these spam checks do in detail?


The owner of a domain can specify which servers are allowed to send mails. If delivery via another server is attempted, the mail can be rejected directly. This happens in particular with spam mails if the sender in a mail is forged. Unfortunately, there are also postmasters who define these specifications incorrectly or simply forget to add a new server.

It can also lead to problems with the SPF check if mails are sent via an external mail gateway beforehand.


Our mail servers check incoming mail across one or more lists of servers that have recently sent spam. Connections from “spam spinners” are rejected directly.


At the first connection the sending mail server gets a message that it should try again in a few minutes. This can reduce spam, but is not always optimal for mailboxes that are used for direct communication with customers. Otherwise it can happen that the customer sends a mail and then you have to explain that the reception can take up to 5 minutes.

If a mail server has passed the other checks on the second attempt, its IP is on a whitelist and mails sent later arrive without greylistening.


Email spoofing refers to the forgery of the email header so that the message gives the impression that it has a different origin or source. Spam distributors often use spoofing to get the recipients of the email to open the message so that they respond to its content.

Set individual checks

Log on to your server in ISPConfig and select the mailbox for which you want to customize the SPF, spoofing, or RBL check.


GDPR Plugin for ISPConfig


With our ISPConfig GDPR Plugin we have developed an enhancement that allows you and your customers to sign online contracts for data processing.

As an admin, you also have the option of generating agreements or other contracts directly and send them to the client.

You can also export all data stored for a customer in ISPConfig to generate information about the stored data. Of course, every client can also do this himself.

Try the GDPR Plugin for free

You can download the plugin here and test it for 14 days for free. As a license you simply use “TRIAL”.

If you want to use the GDPR Plugin afterwards, you need a license.


Download the plugin to your server, unpack the archive and change to the directory ispconfig-gdpr.

If you haven’t installed the ionCube load yet, you can do it either with the script install_ioncube.php or manually for all PHP versions and modes.

php -q install_ioncube.php

We have only tested the script on Debian 7-9 and Ubuntu 14-18 so far. If you are using CentOS for example, you may have to install the ionCube-Loader manually

For the manual installation we recommend to use https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-install-ioncube-loader/

If the ionCube-Loader is installed, you start the installation:

php -q install.php

After that you only have to log in to ISPConfig as admin and activate the module GDPR for the user admin (under System / CP User / Edit User). Then log off once and log on again.


Just start


You can also download the current version, unpack the archive, change to the ispconfig-gdpr directory and then call php -q update.php.

Features of the GDPR Plugin:

  • Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by a client
  • Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by the admin for a client
  • Generated order processing (GDPR) contracts are saved directly as PDF files
  • Ability for the client to revoke an existing agreement
  • Upload option for the admin to provide additional contracts / data for a client
  • Support of several companies
  • Individual templates for generating contracts
  • Individual templates for sending email
  • Ability to store contracts and other data on the hard disk or directly in the database
  • Export function for the data stored for a client (PDF or XML)
  • The GDPR Plugin is integrated in ISPConfig and can be accessed via the ISPConfig Admin/Client Login
  • Standard PDF templates for companies


The ISPConfig GDPR Plugin is an extension to ISPConfig and is not subject to the BSD license.

One license costs 80,00 EUR (95,20 EUR incl. 19% Tax) and includes updates for one year after activation of the license.

Customers who already have a license and want to receive further updates after one year can extend the “update time” for another year for 40.00 (47.60 EUR incl. 19% Tax).


You can download the manual for free here.