Server Monitoring

With our server monitoring, you always have the server data in view. You also get access to our system, so you can display the values graphically.

On request, we send you an email to up to three addresses as soon as a service (for example, the web server) is not running, individual parameters are out of normal values (for example, CPU usage) or if there is another problem with your server.

Server Monitoring Ports

Up to 10 ports are monitored on your server to ensure external availability. You can define which ports are to be tested. It makes no difference whether these should be checked using IPv4 or IPv6.

In addition, the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of your server are periodically checked, and you can specify up to four IPv4 addresses that would be checked every 30 minutes against most popular blacklists. The query of IPv6 addresses according an entry on blacklists is – at least at the moment – not possible.

Server Monitoring Services

We control the availability of up to 10 agreed services (Bind, Dovecot, Apache). If you want to test local services (e.g. Amavis), this is not a problem either.
In contrast to the pure port monitoring, you have the possibility to query the answers of the individual services (for example, DNS check and verification of the obtained IP addresses to a DNS entry). You can also ensure that the SSL certificate for your website or mailserver has not yet expired. You can also get an email a few days before the expiration of a certificate.

Server Monitoring

Monitoring up to 20 parameters of the server (e.g., Load, Diskspace, Connections). You can define the individual parameters as well as the thresholds themselves. So you can get a notification if the load is above 1.5 and another if the load has increased even further. If the value is back at the normal treshold, you will also be informed.