ISPConfig managed

ISPConfig Managed

You do not want to or do not have  time to worry if your server is running and everything is safe? You would prefer to earn money with a properly working server?

In this case, our “ISPConfig Managed” is made for you.

We constantly monitor your server and install all updates of your operating system and ISPConfig completely automatically.

As soon as there is a new release of ISPConfig, we will install it immediatley on your server.

In addition, we monitor your server 24h/7 days and send you an email if something would not work. As a bonus you have 30 minutes of business support free per month. This allows us to provide you with individual solutions at any time or to advise you on your next project. Installation of certain applications is also possible. Or any other support you need or want.

We are actively involved in the development of ISPConfig and we can provide you with bug fixes quickly. You want a fix that is planned for the next release before the official release? We can also provide this with the included support.


59,00 EUR per month (70,12 EUR incl. 19% Tax)


Minimum running time: 1 month

Cancellation period: 7 days at maturity

The following services are monitored:

  • Web-Server: Accessibility of Apache / Nginx
  • DNS-Server: Availability of bind and query of an entry
  • Mail-Server: Availability of postfix, IMAP, POP3 and RBL check of the IPv4 address

Optionally, individual server data can also be monitored:

  • Free disk space (web and mail)
  • Fill level of the mail queue (mail)
  • CPU load, existing connections, number of processes

Supported Operating Systems

  • Debian 9 and newer
  • Ubuntu 18.04 and newer