ISPConfig Setup

ISPConfig Setup

We set up your server completely with ISPConfig and you can start straightaway.

You can choose between Apache or nginx as a web server and you can also decide whether individual services should not be activated or installed.

Whether you want to use a single server, an additional server for e.g. mail or you want to use a cluster from several servers – congratulations, you have found the right company.

Basically you get from us an installation, which offers you all functions:

  • Webserver (Apache or nginx)
  • Mailserver (Postfix and Dovecot)
  • Spamfilter (RSpamd and ClamAV)
  • Database server (MySQL or  MariaDB)
  • DNS-Server (Bind9)
  • Webmail (Roundcube)
  • PHPMyAdmin

The full coverage you can read here.


79,00 EUR (94,01 EUR incl. 19% Tax)


The installation is done after receipt of payment during business hours. Deviating time windows are possible by appointment.

Please remember to send us the access data for your server.

After the installation you will get a PDF with the corresponding data about the installation (access data etc.).


No data may be present on the server for the installation (e.g., web pages or databases).

A minimum installation of the corresponding operating system is required. We recommend Debian or Ubuntuu.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Debian 9 and newer
  • Ubuntu 18.04 and newer