Monitoring Ports

Monitoring Ports

We control the external availability of up to 10 ports on your server so you can be sure that the corresponding services are also available.

The tests can be performed over IPv4 and IPv6, and you can test both TCP and UDP connections.

So you can get for example a message if your web server does not respond to requests or your DNS server has crashed.

We also test that your server is accessible at all.

As a small bonus, you can specify up to four IPv4 addresses, which are regularly checked for entries in the blacklists. So you can quickly get a hint, if your server is on a blacklist and thereby you can get problems when sending mails.


10,00 EUR per year for one server (11,90 EUR incl. 19% Tax)

15,00 EUR per year for two servers (17,85 EUR incl. 19% Tax)

For a quote to monitor more than 2 servers


Cancellation period: 7 days at maturity


After your order we need from you the details to the ports to be monitored and to which address(es) you want to have a hint.