Monitoring Server

In our Monitoring Server product monitoring of ports and services are already included.

If you need an overview of the performance data or the performance of the CPUs or individual services, this is the ideal product for you.

You have the option to display the utilization as a graphic at any time, so you have all the relevant data in view.

If desired, you will also get an email if individual values are exceeded or fallen short of. If the free hard disk space is only 10% or the current load of your server is over 2, we can always inform you by mail.

If you are interested in the number of current connections to your database server, or if you need an overview of the number of SQL queries in a certain time period, you will get the appropriate data with this product.

Sudden queries to the database server can look like this:

If your website loads slowly from time to time, it does not always have to be a slow hard disk or too many processes. Most web sites today also need a database server. If this server is too busy or can no longer accept any more connections, this also affects websites.

The same applies for mail servers. If the database is not accessible, no other user can login into his mailbox.

A big problem is also always websites that are infected with malware. In most cases, spam mails are sent out. Usually, you notice that a lot of mails are waiting for delivering. In the worst case, however, you will notice this only when your mailserver is already on different black lists and you can send almost no more mails.