Set minimum TLS version


You can set the minimum TLS version for each website on our fully managed servers.

Various vulnerabilities have led to experts recommending long ago to disable all versions of SSL and TLS 1.0 (this has always been the default setting on our servers). Meanwhile, websites should no longer be reachable with TSL 1.1, but at least support TLS 1.2.

To set the minimum TLS version, you just have to go to ISPConfig and select the “Minimum TLS version”:


Every modern browser supports TLS v1.2, most also TLS v1.3, but since the latter version is still considered experimental, it is a good idea to set the pages to TLS v1.2. If you want to be absolutely sure that your site can be reached with an outdated browser, you must choose TLS v1.1.

To test the SSL settings of your site, you can use one of the two links: