On our Managed Servers you have the possibility to have a daily, weekly or monthly overview of all mails that are currently in your spam folder sent to you. All you have to do is to set the interval for a mailbox in the “Spam Report” tab.

This function is especially suitable for customers who retrieve their mails via POP3 and have spam moved to a separate folder, because via POP3 only the inbox is retrieved.

To move a spam mail to the Inbox (to read it via POP3 or because it is not spam), you have two options:

  • in the mail with the spam report you will find a link
  • in ISPConfig you can select every single mail and have it moved to your inbox

Note that some email programs have their own spam policies and may move a mail back into the spam folder themselves.


Using the search field you can filter individual mails, whereby the search value extends over all values.