GDPR Plugin for ISPConfig


With our ISPConfig GDPR Plugin we have developed an enhancement that allows you and your customers to sign online contracts for data processing. As an admin, you also have the option of generating agreements or other contracts directly and send them to the client. You can also export all data stored for a customer in […]



In order to get ISPConfig GDPR compatible, we think that the default log file storage time for websites should be decreased and the statistics should be turned off. ISPConfig itself has no problems with the GDPR, because you can delete customers at any time and all data stored with this customer will be removed from […]

ISPConfig Automail

With our plugin ISPConfig Automail you can automatically configure email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook. If you use one or more mail servers for the domains makes no difference. Just define the appropriate data such as host name and port for each mail server. everything else is done through a small web page that provides an […]

pammail understand header and move mails

Spammail understand header and move mails

Various scanners can be used to scan incoming and outgoing mail. For example, ISPConfig uses SpamAssassin, ClamAV and Amavis. The individual threshold values (more on this later) can be defined individually. To prevent spammers from appearing in the inbox, you can automatically move mails to a separate folder based on an individual spam value. This […]


Current rules for SpamAssassin from schaal @it

We regularly publish new rules for the spamfilter SpamAssassin of the Apache Software Foundation Apache Software Foundation. Of course, you can also use the rules for the ISPConfig spam filter settings. Most of our rules have a score of 5. Our rules can be used free of charge. For this, only our channel has to […]