Script to install Proxmox 5.x and 6.x on a Dedicated Hetzner Server

The Proxmox-Version depends on your OS: Proxmox 5.x on Debian Jessie and Proxmox 6.x on Debian Buster Install Proxmox on your server Let’s Encrypt Certificate for the Proxmox-Interface Option to use Thin-Pool Storage Read the Server-IPs (Single-IP and Subnet) from the Hetzner-Robot Write the Network-Config Option to create private IPs if you use a vSwitch […]

Datalog History


On our Managed Mail Servers and the Full-Managed Servers you can track and undo changes made in ISPConfig. However, only the settings are written back and not the contents of websites or similar. For example, if you have deleted a website you can only restore the “basic structure” – the contents of the website have […]

Enhanced spam check for mailboxes


On our managed mail servers and full-managed servers you can not only set greylistening for each mailbox to on and off for the spam check, but also for RBL, SPF and spoofing. SPF and RBL are automatically activated for new mailboxes, greylistening and spoofing are disabled by default. What do these spam checks do in […]

Monitor your server


You always have full access to the monitoring of your managed server and can view the data directly in your browser, via your smartphone or an add-on from Firefox / Chrome. Depending on the monitoring value there are two limit values Warn and Crit. If yours is exceeded, the display changes to orange (Warn) or […]

Update PHP versions (automatically)


On our managed servers you can view the versions of the additional PHP version directly in ISPConfig. If a new version is available, you can update the PHP version or use the “Auto-Update” function. With Auto-Update” enabled, the PHP version will be updated as soon as a newer version is released. additional PHP versions Additional […]