Configure PHP memory limit


Before we show you how you can individually set the PHP memory limit per customer and website on our full-managed servers, first a few informations: Why do I need a PHP memory limit at all? PHP always reserves a part of the RAM for executing scripts. How much RAM can be reserved for this is […]

Set the compression for web pages


In the following we show you how you can set the compression of a website on our fully managed servers. There are several options available to you: Disabled Gzip Brotli Brotli + Gzip Compression with Brotli + Gzip is the default setting to compress smaller files directly when the website is delivered.Brotli is a newer […]

Set minimum TLS version


You can set the minimum TLS version for each website on our fully managed servers. Various vulnerabilities have led to experts recommending long ago to disable all versions of SSL and TLS 1.0 (this has always been the default setting on our servers). Meanwhile, websites should no longer be reachable with TSL 1.1, but at […]

Backup-Now for websites and database with ISPConfig


You can have automatic backups created on our fully managed servers. Now you also have the possibility to manually trigger a backup of a website or a database. Backup-Now You can use it, for example, to back up the database before you make major changes to your project. If something goes wrong, you can restore […]

Script to install Proxmox 5.x – 7.x on a Dedicated Hetzner Server

The Proxmox-Version depends on your OS: Proxmox 5.x on Debian Jessie, Proxmox 6.x on Debian Buster and Proxmox 7.x on Debian Bullseye. Install Proxmox on your server Let’s Encrypt Certificate for the Proxmox-Interface Option to use Thin-Pool Storage Read the Server-IPs (Single-IP and Subnet) from the Hetzner-Robot Write the Network-Config Option to create private IPs […]