pammail understand header and move mails

Spammail understand header and move mails

Various scanners can be used to scan incoming and outgoing mail. For example, ISPConfig uses SpamAssassin, ClamAV and Amavis. The individual threshold values (more on this later) can be defined individually. To prevent spammers from appearing in the inbox, you can automatically move mails to a separate folder based on an individual spam value. This […]


Current rules for SpamAssassin from schaal @it

We regularly publish new rules for the spamfilter SpamAssassin of the Apache Software Foundation Apache Software Foundation. Of course, you can also use the rules for the ISPConfig spam filter settings. Most of our rules have a score of 5. Our rules can be used free of charge. For this, only our channel has to […]

ISPConfig Backup-Space

ISPConfig Backup-Space remote

You can use our BackupSpace to run ISPConig with this as an external backup space. ISPConfig offers you the possibility to save the backups directly to an external storage. It makes no sense to back up relevant data for recovery directly on the server, which should be restored in case of any problems. To do […]